Eco-Friendly Shifts: Navigating Japan’s New Approach to Plastics

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In Japan, concerns about plastic waste, limited resources, marine plastic pollution, and global warming have led to a growing momentum to restrict the use of plastics.

As a result, many cafes and other establishments are transitioning from plastic to paper straws.

Moreover, when purchasing items at supermarkets or convenience stores, plastic shopping bags now come at a cost.

Depending on the store, there’s an additional charge ranging from a few yen to several tens of yen per bag. This policy was initiated on July 1, 2020. It is a relatively recent endeavor.

Hence, when shopping, it’s recommended to bring your own bag to avoid these additional charges. These fees can add up quickly if you’re shopping at multiple places.

Note that reusable shopping bags are available at stores like 100-yen shops, so it’s highly recommended to utilize them.

Enjoy your sightseeing in Japan!


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