Importance of garbage separation in Japan

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What is garbage separation?

Garbage sorting is the process of separating garbage into different categories. This is usually done so that recyclable materials are properly handled and non-recyclable materials are incinerated or disposed of in landfills.

Importance of garbage separation

There are several reasons why sorting garbage is important.

The first reason is that it helps reduce the amount of trash sent to landfills. If waste is properly segregated, recyclable materials can be sent to recycling facilities instead of being disposed of in landfills. This helps reduce the amount of garbage.

The second reason is that sorting garbage helps reduce pollutant emissions. This is because recyclable materials sent to recycling facilities are generally reused or recycled. This means less need to produce new materials, leading to less pollution.

The third reason is that sorting garbage leads to job creation. Recycling facilities need workers to sort and process the incoming waste. Therefore, this industry can create new jobs and lead to economic revitalization.

Garbage separation method

There are several ways to separate garbage.

The first method is to use the garbage sorting table. Here is a table showing which ingredients should be put in which category. This method is often used in schools and businesses as it is an easy way to ensure that materials are properly separated.

The second method is to use separate garbage bags. This bag is designed for use with specific materials. For example, you may have a paper bag and a plastic bag. This method is often used at home because it is more convenient than using a garbage sorting chart.

The third method is to use a garbage sorter. This machine is designed to sort materials automatically. This method is often used by large companies and public places as it is the most efficient way to sort garbage.

The sorting method differs depending on the local government where you live, so if you live in Japan, please check the website of the local government.
In the case of public institutions such as convenience stores, hotels, and train stations, the sorting signs are displayed in Japanese and English, as well as pictures, so be sure to check them out.

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