SALE : Burger King is holding the last great campaign of the year

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Until Dec 15th Thursday, Burger King is holding a 500 yen campaign for 2 if you buy 2.

The following 3 types of products are available: 2 of the same product or 2 of different products are OK.

・Smoky Teriyaki Burger

・Whopper Cheese Jr.

・Smoky BBQ Wapper Jr.

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Burger King store in Tokyo

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History of Burger King in Japan

Burger King’s franchise operations in Japan have come and gone multiple times.

In 1993, Seibu Properties signed a franchise agreement with Burger King Inc. in the United States and developed its own chain, but later dissolved the partnership.

In 1996, Japan Tobacco established Burger King Japan and JT Grandmet Co., Ltd., a joint venture company, in partnership with British company Grand Metropolitan, which is the holding company of Burger King in the United States. In addition, the Burger King business was developed using Morinaga LOVE stores acquired from Restaurant Morinaga. However, in 1997, JT Grandmet was dissolved due to a policy change following the merger of Grand Metropolitan and Guinness. After that, the partnership between JT and Burger King Corporation continued until March 2001. The number of stores that could be opened during that time was 25 stores, one-fourth of the original plan.

In 2007, Lotte and Revamp jointly established Burger King Japan. The company was acquired by Lotteria (a Korean corporation) in 2010.

In 2017, investment firm Affinity Equity Partners entered into a franchise agreement with Burger King.

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