A guide to experiencing the best Christmas in Tokyo

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If you want the best Christmas experience in Tokyo, look no further.

This article was written for you. Christmas in Tokyo is full of things to explore and enjoy.

From where to buy presents to what traditional celebrations look like, here’s some exciting information about Christmas in Tokyo.

Come and join me as we prepare to experience the best of Christmas in Tokyo.

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Explore the holiday markets

Visiting the holiday markets in Tokyo is one of the best ways to enjoy Christmas.

From early December to early January, you can visit various stalls at Tokyo Station Plaza and Ueno Park.

Find traditional Japanese crafts, delicious street food, and exclusive Christmas goods. The perfect place to find unique gifts for family and friends.

Hibiya Park

Ueno Ameyoko

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Enjoy the illumination

Another way to experience the Christmas season in Tokyo is the illumination experience. There are many famous places such as Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree, Asakusa and Ueno Park. If you want to do something special for Christmas, why not take a walk under the lights or visit a fireworks display?


Tokyo SkyTree


Tokyo Tower

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Traditional christmas celebration

Christmas in Tokyo is unique. Christmas is often thought of as a Western holiday, but Japan has its own traditional celebrations.

For example, the KFC Christmas dinner features Christmas music and decorations, and of course lots of famous fried chicken.

Some people also participate in Western-style Christmas parties (year-end parties). It serves food and alcohol and often features live music and dancing.

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Gift Shopping and Fun

Buying gifts in Tokyo can be overwhelming. From department stores and boutique gift shops to convenience stores and unique retailers, the options are endless.

There are also specialty shops selling Christmas decorations and seasonal products. With Christmas music, Santa Claus, illuminations and sweets, Christmas in Tokyo is also a great time to go out.

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Christmas in Tokyo is a unique and wonderful experience. From holiday markets to traditional festivals, there is something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for gifts, exploring the city, or just wanting to experience something new, Tokyo is the perfect place to celebrate Christmas.

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