Alice in Wonderland Cafe Tokyo / Alice in fantasy book, Japan

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Restaurant Concept

A fantasy restaurant based on the concept of “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. You can enjoy dishes with motifs and original cocktails.

Alice and the inhabitants of Wonderland celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and of course, “nothing” days! Gift a special time with a handmade birthday plate made by a trump soldier

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Cooking Concept

Many fantastic dishes made in the image of Alice’s world are original menus based on casual French & Italian.

You can enjoy gorgeous dishes with motifs of unique characters such as “White Rabbit”, “Cheshire Cat”, “Hatter”, “Talking Flower”, etc. that appear in the story.

We have a wide selection of drinks, mainly cocktails and wines, carefully selected to match the dishes.

We also have many cute original cocktails inspired by story characters such as “Uncle Caterpillar” and “Humpty Dumpty”.

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There is an Alice in fantasy book restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo

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