Taiyaki : a traditional Japanese snack in the shape of a fish

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Taiyaki is a traditional Japanese snack in the shape of a fish. The name taiyaki comes from “tai”, which means sea bream, and “yaki”, which means grilled or grilled. Made from pancake-like batter, taiyaki is filled with a variety of sweet fillings, including red bean paste and chocolate.

Taiyaki has a long history in Japan and is said to have started in the Edo period. Originally, it was baked with red bean paste wrapped around it. Taiyaki in the shape of a carp, a lucky charm, is said to be the first. Taiyaki became popular in the Meiji era when Japan was westernized. Around this time, taiyaki with Western-style fillings such as chocolate and cream began to be made.

Today, taiyaki can be eaten all over Japan. You can see them especially at tourist spots and festivals. Taiyaki, which is popular with people of all ages, is a must-try dish when visiting Japan.


Recently, Hotland, which is famous for Gindako that is famous for Takoyaki, has developed mille-feel taiyaki / croissant taiyaki.


You can enjoy at Some Gindako stores…


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