Bonenkai : Significance and impact of year-end parties

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This article is for those who want to know more about the significance and impact of year-end parties.

For a long time, bōnenkai was a traditional drinking party at the end of the year.

However, the outbreak of the global pandemic COVID-19 has led many companies to refrain from such events.

Here, we will introduce in detail the history and relevance of the year-end party, as well as the response to the current situation.

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The historical significance of year-end parties

A year-end party is a traditional event held by organizations such as companies and schools to celebrate the achievements of the year and welcome the new year.

Year-end parties typically include songs, traditional Japanese food, and alcoholic beverages.

It is also customary for employees to perform short skits and make New Year’s cards.

These events have a certain degree of formality, and various elements such as songs and skits serve to strengthen relationships with colleagues.

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A modern arrangement for a year-end party

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted many companies to get creative with their year-end parties.

Traditional gatherings should be avoided and events are held online using platforms such as Zoom, Streamyard and WebEx.

Virtual meetings like this make it possible to party without leaving the house.

Some companies are also holding hybrid events where core people gather in one location and the rest attend from remote locations.

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The impact of year-end parties

End-of-year parties not only end the year, but also play a role in building and strengthening relationships with colleagues.

Year-end parties provide an opportunity to get to know each other better and form stronger working relationships.

Year-end parties are also a great way to release your stress and share your thoughts and experiences.

Finally, the year-end party is also a place to show your talents, such as skits, songs, and card making.

I have already held several year-end parties.

Held every Sunday with tennis buddies at Asian Bistro Dai… near Futako-Tamagawa Station

Year-end party with colleagues Oreno French Kagurazaka

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